Travel activities you can enjoy at Capanne Alte and in the close surroundings:
- Trekking
- Walkings
(you can walk the same path that St. Francis walked; beautiful surroundings include great view of Lake Valfabbrica, Appennini mountain chain and the chance to see relevant historic sites)
- Mountain Biking
- Fishing
- Wine Tasting & Farm Visiting
- Bocce
- Douglas-fir
Forest (great setting for reading, writing, drawing...)
- Swimming Pool

- Eating -
 All of the Capanne Alte apartments are with fully equipped kitchen. However, those who like to dine out can taste local specialties at a delightful restaurant located just 200 mt. away.
Capanne Alte is within a short distance of the major centers of the region: Perugia is 20 km away, Assisi 15 km, Gubbio 35 km. (View on the map)
The nearest town, Valfabbrica, 5 km away, offers most of the facilities and services travellers need.
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